oz30eu ssb / digital

oz3oeu  ft8 ft4

oz8ie/p  Flora Fauna

Bornholm island

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My Rig

I drive my Fauna Flora contacts from our caravan, I have a Kenwood ts480, i transmit with 180W

a CG 3000 tuner, and 8,5  meter vertical wier, and 19 meter sloped wier, and 4 pieces radial on 8 meter, and a clamp on the chassis on the caravan. I have a 120AH battery

OZFF-0186 Ringebakkerne

OZFF-0232 Gudhjem Plantage

OZFF-023 Grisby


Full moon Moonlight, Årsdale town in the background, and caravan


Sunrise at 6am

OZFF-0235 Risen Oldtidsagre

OZFF-0220 Hasle Lystskov

OZFF-0214 Nylars strand, and OZFF-0215 Kystskrænter ved Arnager bugt

OZFF-0193 Stenders Grusgrav

OZFF-0236 Svaneke Sydskov

OZFF-0195 Almindingen

OZFF-0152 Rytterknægten

OZFF-0234 Helligdommen